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    2019 Art trans Brut

    Only in German

    Art trans Brut

    Film portrait of Hannah Rieger and her Art Brut collection
    by Hemut Voitl and Elisabeth Guggenberger, 2019
    © Hannah Rieger

    181005 Bruessel Video Start
    181005 Bruessel Video Ende

    French / English / German

    Video of the opening of the exhibition 'Les Femmes dans l’Art Brut ?'

    Art et marges musée
    314 rue Haute, 1000 Brüssel
    30.10.2018 / © Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel
    Report by Dieter-Michael Grohmann

    © Hannah Rieger
    All Rights Reserved

    All Photos (rooms and artworks): Maurizio Maier
    Concept & Layout: VISUAL°S