Dan Miller

*1961, USA

Dan Miller was born in Castro Valley, California. He was one of the first Art Brut artists whose works were acquired by MoMA in New York. This is of little importance to him, however because as an autistic artist he lives in his own world.

Through his art he has created his own language. His drawings are full of writings and symbols, often unintelligible, sometimes painted over in watercolours. They convince through their complex simplicity. He has worked for over 15 years in the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, California. The 57th Biennale in Venice, in 2017, was a highlight in his exhibition activity. Works by Dan Miller are exhibited by Christine Macel in the context of “Viva Arte Viva” at the “Pavilion of Colours” in the Arsenale. His works can be found in all major international Art Brut collections.


Selected works