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    Johann Korec

    1937 to 2008, Austria

    Johann Korec was born in Vienna, grew up in youth centres and worked as a farmhand. He received psychiatric treatment from 1958 onwards. From 1981 until his death, he lived and worked at the House of Artists in Gugging.

    With many details, his often-erotic scenes tell myriad stories. His favourite subject is himself together with couples. When he started creating art, he traced figures from collected prints. He then changed and combined the figures, redrawing them with ink and painting them with watercolours. He later drew from his imagination, still focusing on erotic subjects.

    His work can be found in numerous collections, such as that of the Setagaya Museum in Tokyo and in the collection of Helmut Zambo, Germany/Austria. As of 2021, Johann Korec has also been represented in the 921 works of the “Donation d'Art Brut de Bruno Decharme” at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


    Selected works



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