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    Jürgen Tauscher

    *1974, Austria

    Jürgen Tauscher was born in Vienna, with microencephaly. He attended a special school, but did not learn to read and write. He spent many years in care homes, and also lived periodically with his grandparents.

    In 1999, after some episodes of acute agitation, he went to live in a shared house in St. Martin in Klosterneuburg. There one of the carers noticed his talent for drawing, and he was brought to the atelier gugging, to draw there. He loves to draw things that fly: airplanes, satellites, space stations or futuristic flying objects. He nearly always uses pencil and works with great determination, committing a complete flying object to paper almost every day. Since 2012 Jürgen Tauscher has lived in the House of Artists at Gugging, working in his residential house there as well as at atelier gugging.

    His work can be seen in galleries such as the Koelsch Gallery in Houston, and the Diamond Collection, Vienna.


    Selected works



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