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    Arnold Schmidt

    *1959, Austria

    Arnold Schmidt was born in Wiener Neustadt and has lived at the House of Artists since 1986. He has become famous for his representation of dynamic figures, individually or grouped, usually in bold colours.

    He uses crayons and watercolours with charcoal, pencils and coloured pencils for his works on paper. He also loves large canvases on which he uses acrylic paint. He has painted houses, airplanes, motorcycles and birds since 1999. Arnold Schmidt calls himself Andi and approaches people directly. A few years ago, on his own initiative, he created a generous workspace for himself right in the centre of the atelier gugging. His work can be found in the collection of Rolf Röthlisberger, since 2021 in the Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Switzerland, for example, as well as in the collection of Steinke, Austria.


    Selected works



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