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    170908 Krems Plakat low


    123 Works from the HANNAH RIEGER Collection

    September 8 to Oktober 23, 2017
    museumkrems, Körnermarkt 14, 3500 Krems/Donau
    Part of GLOBART Academy 2017
    Lange Nacht der Museen, Oktober 7, 2017
    www.museumkrems.at | www.globart.at




    Photos of the exhibition

    Photos © Maurizio Maier | www.detailsinn.at




    Photos of the opening

    Photos © Doris Kucera | www.doriskucera.at




    All Photos © Doris Kucera | www.doriskucera.at


    © Hannah Rieger
    All Rights Reserved

    All Photos (rooms and artworks): Maurizio Maier
    Concept & Layout: VISUAL°S