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    Julia Krause-Harder

    *1973, Germany

    Julia Krause-Harder was born in Kronberg im Taunus, Germany. She works at Atelier Goldstein in Frankfurt am Main and pursues a clear artistic concept:

    at the centre of her creative output are sculptures, and in particular sculptures of dinosaurs which she creatively produces from various materials. She has made it her task to depict every single one of the 860 dinosaurs discovered to date, and believes that the bones of dinosaurs not yet discovered call to her from beneath the earth. As an autistic person, she pursues her artistic mission to the fullest, concentrating all of her energy on it; she researches the living conditions of dinosaurs in natural history museums from Germany to New York. In the Atelier Goldstein’s collaborative project of redeveloping a landmarked Cistercian church, the Marien Kirche Aulhausen in Rüdesheim in the Rheingau, she is represented with textile works.

    Her works can also be found, for example, at the Dommuseum, Frankfurt am Main. In 2017/18 some of Julia Krause-Harder’s dinosaurs were be shown at Mona, Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania, within the context of an exhibition from The Museum of Everything. In 2019, two of her dinosaurs were presented in "Flying High" at Kunstforum Wien.


    Selected works



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