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    Magalí Herrera

    1914 to 1992, Uruguay

    MagalÍ Herrera was born in Rivera, Uruguay and has a middle-class background. She is self-taught in dance, theatre and photography. She organised poetry evenings and wrote poems and science fiction stories that remain unpublished.

    Very well-read, she had a penchant for esotericism. In 1950 she began to paint sporadically. However she then dedicated herself to her art, day and night. Although she was not a spiritualist, she created her works of art in a very spontaneous process, in a sort of trance. For the most part she used black or white ink and developed her own particular and very refined technique to put her utopian worlds on paper. Her work can be seen at the Collection de l’Art Brut in Lausanne.


    Selected works



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