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    Takuya Tamura

    *1992, Japan

    Since 2011, Takuya Tamura has worked at Atelier Yamanami. He works alone, with great concentration, and without other people around him. His main subjects are people and sometimes their typical gestures. He uses marker pens on white paper, often working in very large formats. His figures are composed of boldly coloured elements in orange, red, pink, blue, green and purple. The effect this creates is bright and full of energy – a unique blend of composition and design.

    Works by Takuya Tamura were shown in 2018/2019 in the Collection de l’Art Brut, as part of the exhibition “Art Brut du Japon, un autre regard/Art Brut from Japan, Another Look”, and published in the catalogue under the same title, edited by Edward M. Gómez, Tadashi Hattori and Sarah Lombardi, Collection de l'Art Brut/5 Continents Editions, Milan 2018.


    Selected works



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