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    Helmut Hladisch

    * 1961, Austria

    Helmut Hladisch was born into a large family in Vienna. Because he is not able to live independently, his mother and siblings took care of him for many years.

    From 2002 to 2012 he lived in an institution run by Caritas Vienna. By the time his mother died in 2012, his talent for drawing was already evident, and in 2013 he was offered a place at the Gugging House of Artists, where he has lived ever since. During the week he works at atelier gugging, where he draws and sometimes paints. His work consists of very detailed, fine-line pencil drawings, sometimes coloured: his distinctive trees are particularly striking. This theme also features in his coloured acrylic artwork on the exterior wall of the House of Artists. He also draws and paints various objects, often the everyday things around him, or subjects from nature.

    A large selection of his works was on display at museum gugging in the exhibition titled brain feeling.!.


    Selected works



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