Franz Kamlander

1920 to 1999, Austria

Franz Kamlander was born in a farming area in Hainburg, Lower Austria. Kamlander was deaf and never had the chance to learn sign language. He created his own simple sign language with which he could communicate.

Peter Kapeller

*1969, Austria

Peter Kapeller was born in Vienna and experienced a childhood of severe social neglect before finishing secondary school. After this he had a variety of jobs, including as a sanitary engineer.

Nina Karasek (Joële)

1883 to 1952, Austria

Nina Karasek was born in the Bohemian city of Kuttenberg and studied art at the Frauenakademie in Vienna with Tina Blau, among others.

Franz Kernbeis

1935 to 2019, Austria

Franz Kernbeis was born in Prigglitz, Lower Austria and spent his childhood at his parents’ farm, where he had to work after finishing school. His mental problems became noticeable as early as age seventeen.

Fritz Koller

1929 to 1994, Austria

He was born in Wolfpassing, Lower Austria. At an early age, he helped with his father’s agriculture business, worked in a nursery and on wild stream development.

Davood Koochaki

*1939, Iran

Davood Koochaki was born in Rasht, in north-eastern Iran. When he was 7 he was taken out of school to assist with the rice harvest. He later moved to Teheran in an attempt to improve his prospects.

Johann Korec

1937 to 2008, Austria

Johann Korec was born in Vienna, grew up in youth centres and worked as a farmhand. He received psychiatric treatment from 1958 onwards. From 1981 until his death, he lived and worked at the House of Artists in Gugging.

Julia Krause-Harder

*1973, Germany

Julia Krause-Harder was born in Kronberg im Taunus, Germany. She works at Atelier Goldstein in Frankfurt am Main and pursues a clear artistic concept:

Pradeep Kumar

*1973, India

Pradeep Kumar was born completely deaf in Narwana, in the Indian state of Haryana. His father facilitated schooling for him, just as with his other children.

Rudolf Limberger (Max)

1937 to 1988, Austria

Rudolf Limberger was born in Baden, Lower Austria. He was not trained for any profession and from the age of 17 he underwent frequent psychiatric treatment.

Dwight Mackintosh

1906 to 1999, USA

Born in Hayward, California, Dwight Mackintosh lived with his family until he was 16 years of age, after which he was hospitalised in three psychiatric clinics for a total of 56 years.

Dan Miller

*1961, USA

Dan Miller was born in Castro Valley, California. He was one of the first Art Brut artists whose works were acquired by MoMA in New York. This is of little importance to him, however because as an autistic artist he lives in his own world.

Donald Mitchell

*1951, USA

Donald Mitchell was born in San Francisco, California, and grew up there as one of a large family, living in a poor district. He was born with disabilities and was also injured in a bus accident.

Michel Nedjar

*1947, France

Michel Nedjar was born in Soisy-sousMontmorency, France, the son of a Jewish tailor from Algeria. His mother, with roots in Poland, successfully fled pogroms there to settle in France in 1923.

Latefa Noorzai

* 1960, Afghanistan

Latefa Noorzai was born in 1960 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Having suffered a brain injury as a child, Latefa was unable to attend school and therefore received very little formal education.

Masao Obata

1943 to 2010, Japan

Masao Obata was born in Okayama. His parents divorced when he was still a young child and he grew up with his mother on Manabe-shima, an island near Okayama.

Fritz Opitz

1911 to 1987, Austria

Fritz Opitz was born in Klosterneuburg-Weidling. Because of his susceptibility to epileptic attacks, he was never professionally employed. He was already drawing and painting before his admission to the psychiatric hospital at Gugging.

Misleidys Francisca Castillo Pedroso

*1985, Cuba

Misleidys Francisca Castillo Pedroso was born in 1985 near Havanna, Cuba, with a severe hearing impairment. Her father left the family when she was still a young child.

Marilena Pelosi

*1957, Brazil/France

She was born in Rio de Janeiro and began her artistic work at 16, when she was seriously ill. She had to leave Brazil to avoid marriage to a voodoo priest.

Otto Prinz

1906 to 1980, Austria

Otto Prinz was a trained butcher and practised this occupation even if, as a gentle and spiritual man, it did not suit him at all.