Franz Gableck

1910 to 1974, Austria

Franz Gableck was born in Lower Austria, married and worked as a labourer. He was drafted into the German army in 1940, but was released as unfit for service due to a hearing impairment.

Jill Galliéni

*1948, France

Jill Galliéni was born in France to an American mother; her father was an actor. However, she grew up far away from her parents and at the age of 7 she came under her father’s care.

Johann Garber

*1947, Austria

Born in Wiener Neustadt, Johann Garber was raised by his grandmother. He also spent some time in youth centres. He broke off his apprenticeship as a house painter prematurely and worked in the construction industry, also completing his military service.

Ousseynou Gassama (Hassan)

Date and place of birth unknown, Senegal/Spain

Hassan’s date of birth is unknown, therefore his current age can only be estimated to be between 30 and 40. Originally from Senegal, probably from a small village, he lived alone in abject poverty on the streets of Barcelona.

Giordano Gelli

1928 to 2011, Italy

Giordano Gelli was an artist at the Centro di Attività Espressive La Tinaia in the Vincenzo Chiarugi neuropsychiatric clinic in Florence, Italy. La Tinaia came into existence in 1964.

Madge Gill

1882 to 1961, United Kingdom

Madge Gill was born out of wedlock in London and was raised by her mother’s family. Her relatives put her in an orphanage when she was 9 years old. In 1903 she returned to London and worked as a nurse.

Paul Goesch

1885 to 1940, Germany

Paul Goesch is among the few trained artists whose work appears in the Prinzhorn Collection in Heidelberg, although Hans Prinzhorn did not mention him in his book Artistry of the Mentally Ill (Bildnerei der Geisteskranken), published in 1922.

Martha Grunenwaldt

1910 to 2008, Belgium

Martha Grunenwaldt (also spelt Grünenwaldt) was born in Hamme-Mille in the Wallonian province of Brabant, Belgium. As a child she began to play the violin; her father was a musician who performed with her and her brothers at local dances or in pubs.

Guo Fengyi

1942 to 2010, China

Guo Fengyi was born in Xi´an, Central China. She graduated from high school in 1962. Afterwards she worked as a technician in a rubber factory. Severe arthritis forced her to give up her job at the age of 39.

Johann Hauser

1926 to 1994, Austria

Johann Hauser was born in Bratislava in 1926. He came to Lower Austria in his childhood via a relocation camp. Because of a bipolar disorder and intellectual disability, he was admitted to the psychiatric clinic in Maria Gugging in the 1950s.

Margarethe Held

1894 to 1981, Germany

Margarethe Held was born in Mettingen, Germany. She married at the age of 27 but lost her husband after only four years of marriage. After the Second World War she became interested in occult practices.

Ernst Herbeck

1920 to 1991, Austria

Born in Stockerau in Lower Austria, Ernst Herbeck had several surgeries at an early age to remedy his cleft lip and palate, and associated speech impediments. This resulted in his being held back at school and in his vocational training.

Magalí Herrera

1914 to 1992, Uruguay

MagalÍ Herrera was born in Rivera, Uruguay and has a middle-class background. She is self-taught in dance, theatre and photography. She organised poetry evenings and wrote poems and science fiction stories that remain unpublished.

Helmut Hladisch

* 1961, Austria

Helmut Hladisch was born into a large family in Vienna. Because he is not able to live independently, his mother and siblings took care of him for many years.

Josef Hofer

*1945, Austria

Josef Hofer was born during the last two weeks of the Second World War in Wegscheid, Bavaria. His physical and intellectual disability was clearly noticeable.

Gertrude Honzatko-Mediz

1893 to 1975

Gertrude Hozatko-Mediz was born to Emilie Mediz Pelikan and Karl Mediz, an artist couple who were familiar figures in the world of Austrian Symbolism.

Rudolf Horacek

1915 to 1986, Austria

Rudolf Horacek was born in 1915 in Mannswörth, Lower Austria. He worked for a while as an assistant gardener in a nursery. In 1949 he was admitted to the Gugging psychiatric clinic.

Aurel Iselstöger

1925 to 2008, Croatia/Austria

Born in Zagreb, Aurel Iselstöger grew up as the son of a diplomat in Vienna. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1939. During the Nazi period, his psychiatrist helped him live with a family in the country and thus escape euthanasia.